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The chief instructor at I.T.S. (Japanese Language School) is Ms. Ikuko Sakairi, who appeared for many years on NHK's weekly programs, "A Standard Japanese Course" and "A Practical Japanese Course." The materials used on both of these programs were designed by our teaching staff. (NHK is the national television network of Japan)

Our instructors are all highly qualified (having been licensed by the Ministry of Education) and have acquired wide experience in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Furthermore, the combination of a through knowledge of Japanese business practice and extensive overseas experience enables our teaching staff to offer effective and rewarding language programs which are capable of responding to the individual need of each student.

The I.T.S. Center, which was originally established in Hiroo, Tokyo in 1987 as part of the Kobe Steel Group, became independent in 1993. The Center provides top quality language training to foreign diplomats, business professionals and others interested in learning Japanese.

@Address: iWe move our office from Hiroo to the address below on April 1st 2010.j

2-17-9, Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN   156-0054

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